New Home Wiltshire


Project Brief

The former kitchen garden of the Client’s house had been sold off in the early 1960s and a bungalow was built on the site. The bungalow was very visible over their chalk stone garden wall and was an eyesore. This project involved demolishing the original bungalow to build a ‘coach house’ style dwelling suitable for the Clients to live in in their old age. The new house provides a one level, Zimmer-frame friendly living area with space for a lift and facilities on the lower level if they should become necessary.

We worked to mirror the Client’s main house, which was next door, and its surroundings, with the client choosing a mix of materials. The new house has a partly tiled and part slated roof, whilst the external walls have brick below, and either render or locally sourced untreated larch panels above. Tailor made sash and dormer windows reflect the classic look of main house, while the large picture window (made and installed in one piece) and the silver aluminium guttering give the house a contemporary edge!

Concept to Completion