Renovations & Refurbishments

Renovation and refurbishment projects are a significant part of our portfolio, and we excel in delivering exceptional results. From repositioning kitchens or bathrooms to optimising room layouts for increased space, we have successfully breathed new life into many homes.

Our extensive experience in working with listed buildings, particularly in Hindon where the entire High Street holds Grade II listed status, positions us as the go-to choice for homeowners seeking to update their properties. We approach these projects with confidence, embracing any challenges that may arise along the way. By working closely with architects, structural engineers, planners, and conservation officers, we ensure a smooth process and achieve the desired finish with minimal disruption.

We understand the importance of preserving the historical and architectural integrity of listed buildings while incorporating modern updates and amenities. With our deep understanding of the complexities involved, we navigate the intricate requirements and regulations, delivering outstanding results that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary enhancements.

Our renovation and refurbishment projects include:

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