What We Do



Pre Project Advice

We offer a comprehensive pre-project advice service to our clients based on three decades of experience and full understanding of the scope and scale of building projects. We know that it can take many months and sometimes years to arrive at the point at which the foundations can be dug, and there are often obstacles along the way. We work with an experienced team of individuals to offer guidance on purchasing land, budgeting, planning and building regulations, architectural and design services including renewable energy solutions. We have created a downloadable version of our PDF which breaks down our build process from conception and realisation to construction.


New Homes

We provide a comprehensive “Turnkey” service that encompasses every stage of the construction process. From offering pre-purchase guidance and planning advice to help with architectural services and handling all aspects of construction, we ensure a seamless experience for our clients until the final handover. We understand that clients may approach us at different points in the pre-build process, and we are always delighted to discuss how we can assist in moving the project forward within a realistic budget and timeframe. Building a new home can offer valuable VAT advantages.

Whether you require expert guidance from the early stages or are looking for assistance in bringing your project to fruition, our dedicated team is here to provide the support and expertise you need to create your dream home.



P.F. Parsons Ltd has extended a range of houses in a multitude of styles over the last three decades from small kitchen extensions to tripling the size of the original building. We can guide you through the very early stages of the design process and help with architectural drawings and building regulations. Our team can offer advice from which materials to use through to renewable energy systems.


Renovations & Refurbishments

Renovation and refurbishment projects represent a significant part of our work. Examples of projects include repositioning a kitchen or bathroom to another room in your home and repartioning rooms to provide more space. Our experience and expertise working with listed buildings, particularly in Hindon where the whole High Street has Grade II listed status, means that we are regularly the first point of call for homeowners wanting to update their entire property. We take these projects in our stride and overcome any obstacles that we may find along the way by working closely with architects, structural engineers, planners, and conservation officers to reach the desired finish with as minimum fuss as possible.


General Works

Our General Works department manages kitchen and bathroom upgrades as well as external works, renovations and internal & external decoration projects